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Between Roots and Wings is an American expat blog … about Sydney …and parenting. You could say it’s an American in Sydney expat blog with mum blog tendencies.

Would you like to chat with me about any of those things? Marvelous, I’m Cristin, and you can reach me at:


betweenrootsandwingsblog (at) gmail (dot) com.




Would you like to work with an American-Expat-Mommy-Blogger in Sydney? Well, aren’t you lovely!


I offer reasonable rates for sidebar advertising.

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I am open to discussing sponsored posts, in the instance that the product or service is particularly relevant to the theme and tone of this space. This is not a home for rote advertorials, but if you have something that will enhance the lives of Americans in Australia, Sydneysiders, expats, or parents of young children, and we can have fun with a creative narrative, I’d be happy to talk with you. No-follow links, only.


I’d love to share great products, locations, or experiences that are relevant to this space. For instance, toddler friendly activities in and around Sydney, American style food or restaurants, or products to make expat life easier. Email me if you think you have a product or experience right for review or giveaway on Between Roots and Wings.

Oh, and if you’re an airline who wants me to review your latest route from Sydney to Atlanta or the manufacturer of Tim Tams, you can call me anytime. 3 a.m.. On a Sunday.


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For more on my work in theatre, visit my dramaturgy page

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