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Between Roots and Wings – formerly In an Opal-Hearted Country – is a critically acclaimed blog. Just look…

“This is hands down the best blog I’ve ever read about being an American in Sydney, Australia. You’re brilliant.”  -My Mom

Almost as good as The Financial Review.” -Partner-in-Crime

“I want a cookie.-Hushpuppy


Cristin is an American expat in Sydney, Australia, living with her charming husband – known here as Partner-in-Crime – and vivacious young daughter – known here as Hushpuppy.

In days gone by, she spent her youth rambling around the shopping malls, movie theatres, and high school theatre in a suburb of Atlanta, then buckled down and studied Theatre Management at a tiny Southern women’s college in Northeast Georgia (“it’s not a girls school without men, it’s a women’s college without boys”). A few years and a couple of cross-country moves later, she trotted off to New York City to eat too much pizza and get a Master’s in Dramaturgy & Theatre Criticism from Brooklyn College. She then found work at a theatre in Sarasota, Florida, where she’d eventually come across Mr. In-Crime. He wooed her and then suggested, convincingly, that Australia was a lucky country, reminding her that she’d told him she wanted an adventure.

Adventuring they’ve been, ever since, now with more toddler. These days, she’s looking for the balance between seeing more of the world and building a home – between roots and wings.


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