Trying to Cure a Seven Year Ache

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I didn’t mean to go MIA here, but somehow it’s gone radio silence for months now, and for that I’m sorry.

I could blame the new baby.
It’s always safe to blame the baby – she can’t defend herself.
Or, it could be the other blog, six weeks of overseas travel, or just, you know … laundry.

But, honestly, I haven’t carved out the time to write because I just haven’t known what to say. While my home life has been mercifully lovely, external world events have weighed so heavily on me. I always write a “where I am this year” post on my expat anniversary in August. This year, I was sitting on a beach in Wollongong as I marked 7 years in Australia; meanwhile, actual Nazis were marching in my birth country, and Australia was getting ready to open up the nation to a public debate about whether or not gay men and women should have the right to marry. I just could not find coherent thoughts about where I sit in relation to either country. So, I didn’t say anything.

I logged off Facebook for a month, and realized that some quiet in my head was just the prescription for this year. It was bliss.

A week or so ago, I almost lost this entire blog – all 7 years worth of entries could have vanished in a hacker incident, and I had to decide if maybe that was OK. If I was actually just done here. Perhaps that would be the next level of quiet. I finally decided that it wasn’t OK, and I’m not done; so someone with witchcraft and wizardry skills cleaned it all up, and after all that, I believe owe this place some more words.

I also owe this clunky old site a grand makeover if we’re going to do this thing, so look for that after the holidays.

Thanksgiving seems like a good time to delve back in with the right attitude. Instead of trying to put words to the complicated feelings I’ve had about America, Australia, and expat life this year, I think it will be a lot healthier for me to share my great gratitudes as a belated expativersary celebration. And, as I’ve always done in my anniversary posts, I’ll conclude with some of the most meaningful photos from the year.

  • Thank you to whatever spiritual power that gave us the world’s most charming and delightful baby. We thought CJ was never going to smile, but once she finally cracked, her face hasn’t stopped beaming. She’s a girl in a hurry, rolling just after turning 3 months, and crawling not long after 6 months. And, it’s no wonder, when she has as a role model her 4 year old sister who never slows down from her duties as superhero-scientist-explorer.
  • Last September, I launched my Artsplorers page, and it’s reconnected me to my love of the arts.
  • I had to give myself permission to more or less take it easy for a lot of the year because I felt so sick from pregnancy, so thank goodness for Partner-in-Crime who kept the adventures going for Hushpuppy.
  • And, still, we had more than our fair share of festivals, beaches, museums, playgroups, pools, cafes, and parks. Sydney, as flashy and expensive as it is, never fails to provide. We could do worse. We could definitely do worse.
  • It was a year of new and deepened friendships. Of new babies (not just ours!) and weddings and watching the kids we know grow up. I said goodbye to two of my closest expat friends and welcomed the return of another. It’s an ebb and flow, but my heart has been full of these people I call my second family.

August 12, 2016 – August 12, 2018

Sydney, ya beaut. (August 2016)

This baby hit the scene

Children’s theatre at the Opera House

Halloween Down Under

Democrats Abroad – this was the saddest party I’ve ever been to in my life

We hosted Thanksgiving

Aussie Christmas

Watching the Sydney to Hobart launch is our Boxing Day tradition

We marched

Australia Day

Hushpuppy turned 4 (4!) Octonauts style

We took one final outing as a family of three to Jervis Bay and Kangaroo Valley

Welcome to our beautiful CJ, April 22

Vivid Festival

We were in our beautiful friend’s wedding ❤️

We’ve got another dualie, guys!

…and now we’re at 7 years! We’ll talk again soon, friends.

7 thoughts on “Trying to Cure a Seven Year Ache

  1. Kelli

    Thank you for sharing! It has been a wild year and I think I have needed the quiet, too. But I’m glad you’re back and I love, love, love seeing pictures of your family! My mini-me has already been asking when we will see Hushpuppy again 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Great post! I, too, am glad to see you back. As another American in Australia, I enjoy reading your perspectives on things.

  3. Jennifer Herb

    What a year! Definitely big ups and downs, but you’re right, it’s all still worth it. I’m glad you’re keeping the blog. It’s like a condensed version of a nice, lengthy conversation with you, which is great when we have five offspring between us! I miss you. It’s Thanksgiving here today, and I am grateful that I had the chance to share lucky number seven with you.

    1. Cristin Post author

      Wish you were going to be in the clubhouse with us this year! We’ll have to find time for a real, lengthy conversation one of these days. xx

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