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Though I lived the better part of my younger life in the suburbs of Atlanta, returning to the U.S. –  particularly the South – after many months away always comes with a heapin’ helpin’ of reverse culture shock, especially now that my family is stationed in the town I went to college in – “Poultry Captiol of the World,” Gainesville, Georgia.

I started snapping photos here and there, when I saw things that stopped me, or made me think, “only in the South.” It looked a little like this…

We ate all the things.

That up there may be THE most Southern burger on the planet. A bacon cheeseburger with pimento cheese and a fried green tomato. With a “side” of sweet potato fries.

This is the famous Waffle House waffle. The looming yellow Waffle House sign is one of the most ubiquitous sights in the South, particularly in Georgia. It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can get your hash browns “scattered, covered, smothered, topped, and diced.” You can nurse a never ending cup of coffee for HOURS, and no one will look at you twice. Just ask any college student. south3

south5When Yanks say that we can’t find a decent Mexican restaurant in Sydney, ^^this^^ is what we’re looking for.

Fried macaroni and cheese bites. I just feel like you should know that these exist in the world.

We also drank “small” frozen margaritas (glad I wasn’t driving)… south2

…and “small” milkshakes that could have been a meal unto themselves. south6

And, it was all cheaper ‘n’ dirt. 

Sometimes things got a little weird.

That’s a ceramic crocodile. Naturally.

Mouthwash station in the Chick Fil A… … ?

A wall of giant hair bows in a ladies clothing store. $2 each. Sorority ball, anyone?

And, sometimes they got really weird.Buy 1 knife, get 1 free. Sold by Elvis.

We saw a lot of trains.

Little ones …

…and big ones.

…and we petted a lot of goats.

Baby goats!

The South needs cows this big to make sure we don’t run out of butter, y’all!

The South is nothing if not Patriotic. 

And devoutly religious.

Seen in a restaurant bathroom.

south9Hushpuppy scored this in an Easter basket.


It was also in full, glorious bloom during our visit.



And though you can’t escape Fox News while you eat… 

“People are scared,” Meghan McCain bellows, as I eat my tacos.

You also can’t escape these views.Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee.


 My beautiful alma mater.


8 thoughts on “In the South

  1. Kelli

    Whelp- you’ve made me homesick that’s for sure. And a little sick-sick with all that greasy food… but mostly homesick to eat it. Not that I’m on a countdown, but we’ll be there in 60 days.

    1. Cristin Post author

      I cannot even bring myself to step on a scale after this trip.
      Wish we were crossing paths with you!

    1. Cristin Post author

      I can promise you friendly people and amazing food! Spring is the best time to go, if you can manage it.

    1. Cristin Post author

      There really is – I ate more than I should say to make sure I didn’t want it again for a long time! 😉

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