Tunks Park – Our Tucked Away Retreat in Cammeray

Little Aussie, Sydney

One day last Spring, the weather was the cool, blue, and clear perfection that makes you feel like going all “The hills are aliiiiive with the sound of muuuuusic.” I had the afternoon free, so I tucked Hushpuppy into her stroller, and set out walking with no destination in mind. We walked and walked, I resorted to Google Maps for some guidance, we walked some more down some windy, residential streets, and finally found ourselves at Tunks Park in Cammeray. (Pro tip, I’d strongly advise you *not* to walk to Tunks Park via the roads, if you go. They are not pedestrian friendly, and definitely not pram friendly.)

Partner-in-Crime was, mercifully, able to pick us up in the car to spare me the long, uphill end of my Spring Fever retreat. When he arrived, he looked around and was surprised to find that he’d been here a number of times. He’d taken up walking trails near us, and always ended up at the other end of this park. So, it turned out that both of our wandering pairs of feet had brought us to this lovely spot, and since then, we’ve claimed it as one of our favorite places to roam.

At the bottom end of the park, there’s a boat ramp and a couple hundred meters away, a green lawn with a BBQ grill and a picnic table. We love this spot, and it never seems to be crowded, even when we spent the afternoon there on New Year’s Day. Or, as Hushpuppy said on our last visit, “so nice and quiet!”

Best of all, this is the view. Tunks Park1

There’s a tiny rock beach, which Hushpuppy quite likes exploring. It’s also popular with dogs who want a refreshing cool off (be aware that there tend to be a lot of dogs here, if you have a little one who is afraid of them … or, one who loves them and needs a canine fix!). IMG_6804

And the boat ramp… Tunks Park2

Across the way is a large playing field, which often serves as a dog park. The last time we visited, we took advantage of the walking track along the filed, which was perfect for Hushpuppy’s Christmas scooter, and for her to stalk some puppies. Tunks Park7

Tunks Park4

A few steps up the hill is a marvelous playground. There’s an area for the little ones… Tunks Park6

…and a very cool treehouse for the bigger kids. The diggers for moving rocks definitely have Hushpuppy’s heart.Tunks Park5

We love this park for a picnic or a play. Tunks Park Map

A few things to know if you go:
Tunks Park, Brothers Ave, Cammeray
Public toilets on site (next to the playing field
Playground suitable for all ages
BBQ on-site