The Babycino

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“What does Mama love?” I asked my little Hushpuppy the other day.
“COFFEE!” she enthused, without missing a beat.

I know you’re with me on this one, sleepy moms and mums. It would seem my habit has not gone unnoticed even by the two year old who will declare forever lost a toy she just stepped on with her bare foot.

Given my daily devotion, my little charge has been coerced into accompanying me to endless cafes – quick stops for a takeaway fix or long coffee dates with other caffeine-addicted* mother friends (*which is to say, most mothers I know.). It only seems good manners that my constant companion, who has no say in her perpetual attendance at the roving coffee carnival that is my life, should have a treat of her own.

Enter the Babycino. Her commitment to the babycino is almost (*not even close*) as strong as mine to the real deal. She sweetly even tried to order one when the flight attendant came around with coffee on an airplane recently.

I thought I’d write this because I get asked frequently what, exactly, a babycino is. The question usually comes from friends without children, friends with young babies, or people overseas who know not of the Australian espresso coffee obsession. Those of you who are also proudly rearing babycino aficionados can just back me up here.

The babycino is a little cup of frothed milk, usually topped with chocolate powder, and in the really magical places, served with a marshmallow. $1 seems to be the standard-ish rate, though it varies widely. I’ve paid as little as zero dollars and as much as $2.50. No joke, more than an actual carton of milk! That hurts a person, ya know? Apparently baristas hate making them because it, I don’t know, messes with their zen or something, but I’ve found they’re pretty standard in most cafes, so I think most of them – to speak like an Aussie –  “just get on with it.”

Let me tell you what else the babycino is, besides a couple teaspoons of frothy milk –

  • It’s five two minutes of peace for me while we both enjoy our tasty, tasty beverages
  • It’s a sense of pride and belonging for my girl

She sometimes says that hers is a “babycino” and mine is a “mamacino.” I love that. In my world, it’s ‘cinos for everyone!

babycino1 babycino2 babycino3

Do you have a ‘cino lover in your family?
What do you usually pay for them?
Has your child successfully gotten any airlines to make one?

22 thoughts on “The Babycino

  1. Yvette

    You know I could never comment on any of your blog posts without mentioning that my absolute adoration for your lil Hushpuppy is NOT EVEN CLOSE to waning.

    And my only comment about the babycinos is that baristas had better just get on with it. What’s the big deal anyway? They’re already frothing the freakin’ milk!! LOL

    1. Cristin Post author

      To be fair, I’ve never had a barista throw me any attitude about the babycino, it’s just something I’ve read. But, yes, it seems pretty simple, especially as they almost always are ordered with an adult drink, so they’re frothing the milk, anyway.

    1. Cristin Post author

      Yes, I think it’s really nice for them to have a little treat of their own. Makes them feel a bit spesh.

    1. Cristin Post author

      Agreed! I’m more than happy to pay, but anything more than about $1.50 seems out of bounds.

  2. Rachel Stewart

    Admittedly the only time my kids have had them is because someone else bought them – because around here they seem to be $2+. I can’t justify buying froth. I’ll buy them an actual drink though if they want it,.

  3. Hugzilla

    OMG how adorable that she tried ordering one on the plane. BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!! Weirdly enough, I’ve never ordered one of these for either one of my boys. I must be sure to rectify that!

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