2015 Between Roots & Wings News In Review

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5How was your 2015? Are you dragging to the end, ready for a fresh start? Or, were you #blessed? I like the ritual of having a scan back over the year, even if it’s just to say, well thank George Washington that’s over.  So, in the spirit of seeing where we’ve been, I’ve complied the Between Roots and Wings 2015 News Roundup. This is what made the news in my world of toddler-rearing, expat-living, Sydney-siding, American-being, travel-hopping, coffee-loving, and just generally interested in the world-ing.

Before we cue the soundtrack (what song are we using this year, guys? I haven’t listened to any new music in half a decade at least!), I want to thank you. Sincerely. There are so many things you could be reading right now, and that you’re here is just the stuff. My little spot on the Internet is about living away from home, seeing Sydney (and beyond) through expat and parent eyes, raising my  third culture kid, and just being interested in the world and kind to each other. Meeting other people who care about these things in this space is just a wild, affirming thing every day of the year. So, if you’ve read posts here, left a comment, joined me on the ol’ Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, etc., THANK YOU. I hope your 2015 has seen love, and curiosity, and laughter, and generosity. I look forward to sharing more of those things and whatever else 2016 offers us.

Happy New Year! *Cue “Uptown Funk!”*


  • I lost the first two days of 2015 to travel and the International Date line, and so, there were only 29 days for interesting things to occur in my January, 2015. #expatlyfe
  • In breaking local news, the cubby house at my favorite cafe became a news story, one which burned for a day, then fizzled. *The cubby house still stands like a fortress guarding all that’s good about childhood.*Sprout cubby house
  • Australia’s Prime Minister made a royal error in judgment  in knighting Prince Phillip.
  • Starbucks introduced the pride of Australia, the flat white, to its menu. People liked it. I know, right?!?
  • My one year old became a two year old.2yr


  • Parks and Recreation ended.
  • My two year old gave up her nap. The days became very looooooong.
  • Rosanne Cash responded in the most wonderful way to something I wrote about her, and I went, “Gah! You guys…!” rctweet
  • Australia’s Prime Minister managed to keep his job, just barely. He promised to do better, pinky swear.


  • I was probably more excited than is normal to vote in my first Australian election.photo 1 (8)
  • A family of possums took a summer home on our balcony. Because Australia.
  • Australia’s Prime Minister stuck his foot in his mouth.


  • A lot of us put our time, hope, and energies into trying to spare Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan a death sentence in Indonesia. We still mourn them. photo 2 (13)
  • Sydney had the wildest storm. It blustered and rained and gnashed its ugly teeth for days. That thing was crazy, y’all.
  • Australia’s Prime Minister had a 12% approval rating.


  • Johnny Depp’s poor dogs took a short trip to Australia
  • We didn’t know how old Rebel Wilson was. It bothered us. And then we did. Rejoice. wilsondepp
  • Prince Harry came to town, and Sydney was all like, “O.M.G., you guys! He is is SO cute!”
  • Emma and Lachie from the Wiggles got engaged, and I was all like, “O.M.G., you guys! That is SO cute!”
  • Australia’s Prime Minister was a little out of touch with the people. tony abbott again


  • The. U.S. just one day up and decided to get marriage equality. Are you kidding me?!? This was THE greatest day of the year. Rainbows for everyone! (Except Australians). I don’t say this very often (ever), but, U-S-A! U-S-A!
  • I did this interview about being an expat, which was kind of fun.
  • Donald Trump announced that he was running for President. Every person I met in Australia wanted to know – what the actual…? “Don’t worry!,” I told them. “He’s a joke candidate,” I said. …err… U-S-A! U-S-A! …?…
  • The Killing Season documentary on ABC was amazing. And, it reminded us of how charming our Prime Minister can be. tony abbott



  • Nothing happened. Seriously. It was weird.


  • Serbia
  • Greece
  • The refugee crisis
  • Oh and, fair go, Australia decided thought it would try out a new Prime Minister. Who could have seen that coming?


  • American had another mass shooting. This one was at a college. Australians to America: “Are you kidding me, bro?”


  • One guy on Twitter got his panties twisted about red coffee cups, and the Internet imploded
  • The Paris terror attacks were just too awful
  • Australian commentator Walleed Aly won the year by saying a lot of smart things


  • I gave thanks for many things. Some of my friends did, too.


  • We had a By-election in my district, or as I liked to call it a “Bye-election.” Bye to Joe Hockey, who said almost as many ludicrous things as Prime Minister #1 this year. Look out, America – he’s Australia’s new ambassador.
  • A shark jumped on a guy’s surfboard at Bondi Beach. They were both fine. ‘Straya, mate.
  • Christmas took over my life. It was perfect.photo 1 (23)

So, hey, that’s what my last revolution around the sun looked like.
What was the big news in your world this year?

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  1. Gina

    LOVED LOVED LOVED READING THIS!!! Yes I just said that 🙂 Between Roots & Wings 1 of my few reads but definitely a favorite! Big news on this end would have to be the arrival of the prince 😍 And becoming a Mom!

    1. Cristin Post author

      She stopped napping right about the time she started sleeping through the night. It was like she was saying, “you can have one, but not both!”

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