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I recently wrote about my desire to get ever more stamps In the passport, and we’re off to do so, hence the blog is going on vacation for the week while we’re in Bali. But, I’m going to leave you with some reading material because that’s how much I care.

Actually, it’s also because I was recently going through all my old posts to put up the ones for my The Sydney Side page, and I found some that I thought could use a revisit lo these many years later. So, here’s a few early posts that might be of interest.

  • I got a kick out of re-reading “A Bird in the Bush,” (2010) where I talked about all the birds I was seeing and hearing – mostly hearing – around Sydney. I remember clearly my first puzzling encounter with the noisy ravens, and have subsequently heard them called the “vomiting baby” and “dying baby” birds thanks to the awful screech they emit. They haven’t gotten more charming, I’m afraid. Oh, and one edit. The lorikeets are noisy, too. I was too generous to them because they’re cute.
  • Also from 2010 is “The Case of the Missing Penny,” which I wrote after I realized that something was missing in Australia (spoiler alert – it’s the penny).
  • Have I Got a Tip For You” is a post from 2011 where I explored the history of tipping after getting curious about why Americans tip and Australians don’t. My friends contributed some interesting comments and theories, as well.
  • And finally, I have always loved this post, “Postcards From Vacation Part 3,” by my one and only guest blogger, none other than Mr Partner-in-Crime, who wrote in true P-i-C flourish about our first trip to the Hunter Valley wine region.If any of that interests you, then I wish you happy reading. And, I’ll see you on these pages in a week or so with some tales of Balinese adventure.

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