Day 22: The Big Red Rock


Prompt: Something I have yet to see in my expat country.

I’m proud of the amount of travelling we’ve done around Australia, having seeing at least something of 5 of the 6 states. There’s so much more to see, but the only item that remains on my must-do list is that big red rock smack dab in the middle of the country. The one that just screams, “Australia!” – Uluru.


Australia is a dang big country, roughly the same size as the U.S., but thanks to the giant desert in the middle of the country, nearly the entire country lives near the coast, the bulk of it on the East. To get from, say, Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Cairns is pretty easy and inexpensive, but to get from Sydney to the sparsely populated so-called Red Center, things get a bit more complicated.

I’ve researched travel to Uluru for a couple of potential trips that haven’t panned out. A couple of considerations that have held me back:
1. The weather is prone to extremes, and in the summer, there are supposedly an insane amount of flies (no thank you, if I can help it). So, there are really only maybe three months where it’s ideal to travel there.
2. It’s wicked expensive. The flights are the most expensive domestic flights available, and if you fly to Alice Springs ($$), instead of directly to Uluru airport ($$$$), you need to rent a car. Once you get there, there are only a couple of hotels, all managed by the same company ($$$$).

It’s all do-able, as evidenced by the fact that people go there all the time, but it’s always proven a bit too tricky and expensive for me. Not to mention, Partner-in-Crime is not that excited about Uluru, so it’s mostly me saying, “let’s go to Uluru!!” and him saying, “yes, but for half the price, we can go to on a two week cruise of New Zealand.” So, there’s that.

Still, I’m drawn.

Look at this Google Map satellite image and tell me this is not one of the most fascinating places on earth…

And this…

and this…


…and this.
Nope, we’ve come to far for me to not see the big red rock. One day, Uluru. One day. 

8 thoughts on “Day 22: The Big Red Rock

  1. Christie

    Nice subject choice for this post! I would agree with you that you need to see it, but yes, it is expensive, and yes, there aren’t many options for getting there. The accommodation is okay, but not great for the money. Still, it’s worth it. Just try to pick a weekend when it won’t rain, and when there won’t be any flies! (But good luck with that …)

  2. Yvette Niesel

    Can you take a train? We want to go, too. I haven’t yet done any research, so it’s interesting to read what you have here. I thought of starting in Adelaide and taking the train to Coober Pedy, then on to Uluru and finally Alice Springs. But cost has yet to enter the equation. LOL

  3. Kelli

    Now I want to go too!! Who would’ve thought that getting to the middle of nowhere would be so expensive! The pictures are amazing… what do you do when you’re there- just walk around and look at it?

  4. Samantha H

    Yep, we’re gonna have to make this work one day where we get to go see it together! It’s on my list too! Girls trip! We/re both clearly prolific bloggers – when do people start to offer us things like free trips in order to review their services, etc?

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