I Resolve


It’s New Year’s Eve, the most celebrated day in Sydney. It’s not true that we get the new year first, but we do certainly do it better than anyone else.

My dearest friend in this world posted a bit of an essay about New Year’s resolutions this morning with the thesis that she would not resolve to change herself, but to just be, and find happiness in the being. That resonated with my recent thoughts on resolutions. I have always been a resolution maker with varying success at the keeping. I started thinking about the resolutions I might make this year to do better at this and that and change such and such. It crossed my mind that I have been making resolutions since I was, say, 15. That’s 20 years of telling myself that I’m not yet good enough. Shouldn’t I be getting closer? Yet, every year I find myriad ways to beat myself up, scold myself, and tell myself to Just. Do. Better.

What a soul crushing way to start the year.

So, this morning, I thought about what would truly make my life happier – not by mentally beating myself into being someone I’m not, but just by living in the most joyful way possible. I started jotting them down, and it felt so uplifting.

So, yes, I’m making some resolutions this year. And they are:

  • Skip a day of laundry each week
  • Buy clothes in the size I wear today. Don’t wait.
  • Make more delicious meals. Keep cooking with Jamie.
  • Go out to more brunches
  • Swim. A lot.
  • Do yoga. In the living room. In the park. In the kitchen. Do just one sun salute if that’s what there’s time and space for and feel great about it.
  • Buy Hushpuppy as many sweet girly clothes as I want. Let her get them as dirty as she wants.
  • Take a million pictures. Be in some of them, and be genuinely smiling. Post all the ones I love to Facebook and don’t think a single thought about how many is too many.
  • Make the bed every day. Except the days when we just don’t feel like it.
  • Fill my ipod with songs that Hushpuppy and I can dance to.
  • Do my nails more.
  • Drink more water. And wine. And margaritas. Definitely more margaritas.
  • Invite people over on the spur of the moment.
  • Go to bed early if I’m tired. Stay up later if I’m not.
  • Hire babysitters and enjoy date nights – or days – with my husband.
  • Write on my blog whenever I want to, and don’t tell anyone in a half-joking way that it’s a narcissistic hobby.
  • Don’t stress if Hushpuppy has too much unnecessary plastic crap. Find a good home for it when she outgrows it.
  • Let Hushpuppy get into a little mischief now and then. Pretend not to see.
  • Buy more coffees from the cafe next door. Enjoy the taste of a latte far superior to the coffee I brew at home.
  • Soak up all the sunshine.
  • Always, always have bubbles in the house.

5 thoughts on “I Resolve

  1. Christie

    Great list–I like your resolutions, especially the last one. We only drank bubbles at weddings and on New Year’s Eve before we moved to Australia. What a pity …

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