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During the three weeks we were in temporary housing after the flood, I went on a TV binge. Cooking shows in particular. I caught onto the series Jamie Oliver was doing in concert with his book of the same title, Save with Jamie, and became quite smitten with the charming, practical Brit. Not being particularly interested in celebrity chefs, I’d only had a passing awareness of Jamie Oliver before, mostly to do with his campaign to healthy up school lunches and from happily eating a few times at his restaurant in Sydney.

The idea of Save With Jamie is that normal people can make beautiful, healthy meals and spend a lot less on groceries than we most likely do now. On the show, he’d feature one big meal (“the mothership”) intended to have leftovers. He’d then show an option for said leftovers. He’d also cook up a variation on a take-away meal that was both healthier and a lot cheaper. He also scattered in all sorts of money and food saving tips (I was hooked after his suggestion to save all those tiny ends of cheese you end up with in a container in the freezer to sprinkle over later dishes. Good one, Jamie!).

I am not a gourmet cook by any means, but I do love to make nice meals and I cook from scratch 9 days out of 10. I’ve been making an extra effort to cook healthy since the Hushpuppy started baby led weaning. She’s getting to the age when she knows if we’re cheating her out of something she’s not eating. Bowl of ice cream for me and a piece of broccoli for her. Not on her watch. Plus, I am famously frugal. Famous mostly in my own mind, but I do love a bargain.

So, as a late birthday gift, my Mom gifted me a copy of the Save With Jamie book. Since then, Jamie has become a new member of our family. I consult Jamie for a plan before our weekly shops, and I tell Partner-in-Crime, “Jamie and I have decided what to have for dinner tonight.” We have been so thrilled with almost every meal (only one miss so far), and at dinner, if P-i-C praises my meal, I say with a flourishy wave to the sky (because that’s where Jamie lives), “thank you, Jamie.”

I don’t know how he does it, but he just knows how to get a lot of flavor out of simple ingredients. I’ve also been saving a good deal of money, as advertised. The “motherhsips” tend to be less expensive cuts of meat, which saves a heap. Plus, obviously, getting one or two more meals out of the leftovers is good value. I also started an herb garden on our balcony (per Jamie’s suggestion), and am beginning to reap some of the rewards of our my little crop.

Let me brag and show off some of the things Jamie and I have cooked up. (Sorry, Jamie and I make nice meals, but we are no food photographers).

Drunken noodles

Mothership lamb roast 
Mothership pork roast with red cabbage, celariac, and home made bread.
Pulled pork tacos. Leftover meal from the roast.

BBQ pork on slaw and waffles. Another leftover meal from the mothership.

BBQ  baked beans with sweet potato and homemade croutons. This one was amazing.

Asian inspired turkey salad with pomegranate dressing.
This one is not in the Save book, but I naturally turned to Jamie for some inspiration with my Thanksgiving turkey leftovers.

Sausage panzanella
Ham hocks with parsley sauce.
Jamie suggested I make a pea soup with the leftovers from this mothership. It was pretty good, but not especially photo worthy.
Frenchie salad

Thank you, Jamie!

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