Sculpture By the Sea 2013

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Yesterday, we had our annual afternoon out at Bondi/Tamarama for Sculpture By the Sea, a can’t miss event on our calendar. We sped through a little faster than past years, as we were toting some extra baggage this year. Speaking of, since I was carrying the Hushpuppy in the Ergo Baby, I gave Partner-in-Crime full rights to my camera. All photos are his handiwork. 
I’ve written about Sculpture By the Sea a number of times before, so let’s just look at some pictures, shall we?
Past years:

We heard the funniest conversation around this one. A mom trying to explain to her two kids. She was doing great, talking about how fleeting life is, etc. Then the kids asked why there was a baby. She says, “… …I don’t know. I find it a bit gross, actually.”

Favorite. I have a trend of always loving the one in this spot. 

Close up of the one above. This was really cool.
And one of the Hushpuppy eating a big handful of sand.