Expat Blog Challenge – Join Us in February!

I did not take this gorgeous photo. Credit here.

This one is for you, my fellow expat bloggers.

In past years, I have done National Blog Posting Month, and loved the rigour of writing every day. I set myself a goal of doing another month-long blog challenge, but this time wanted one with some set prompts, as it’s more of a challenge to find topics now that I’m not exactly new around these parts. Turns out, a set of blog writing prompts that work for an expat-themed blog just doesn’t seem to exist. So, hey, why not create my own.

And, if  I’m going to do a blog challenge, why not find some co-conspirators and have an expat blog party?

So, in that spirit, I have designated February 2014 as the Expat Blog Challenge month (you may notice I picked the shortest and, let’s be honest, most boring month).

Want to join? I’ve created a group on Facebook to get us going. It’s a closed group for those who want to keep some anonymity, so just request to join. I’m approving all requests that don’t look like spambots. Or, if you’re not on Facebook, send me a message at opalhearted (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll make sure that you get the prompts.

So far, the bloggers are mostly Americans in Australia, like me, but it’s open to anyone with an expat blog, so please feel free to join or pass along to other bloggers you know who might like to play. The more the merrier.

4 thoughts on “Expat Blog Challenge – Join Us in February!

  1. Christie

    Hi Cristin,
    I found your blog through noticing that you were the only other Aussie entry for the Expats Blog contest (unless more have been added). Your article is wonderful, and I even suggested that my readers comment on it in hopes of gaining more votes for Australia overall. I love how you worded your request for comments in this post by the way. I have put in a request to join your facebook group, and I look forward to reading more of your posts when I have some time. Cheers, Christie

  2. Diane

    Recently heard about this from Cosette of Stumbledownunder and am gonna jump in when I can (probably out of order since I’m a bit late to the party!). Thank you!!

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