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Little Aussie

We’ve been on a passport collection mission over the past two days, and I thought I’d write about that, but upon further reflection about what constitutes good writing, I decided that the rant I’m composing in my head about Australian passport acquisition is not yet likely to be either funny or endearingly clever without a bit more distance between my family and today’s episode at Australia Post.

Instead, may I share with you – especially the parental/parental-to-be types – a product that we are rather in love with. It is an Aussie invention, so I feel I can share it on this expat blog without over Mom-blogifying this space.

Our beloved product is the Love to Dream swaddler. It’s not just a swaddling blanket, but a miracle suit, and exceptionally cute to boot. Hushpuppy is happy to model it for you.

We’ve nicknamed it her Bat Suit.
When Hushpuppy was tiny, regular swaddling blankets worked well enough, but as she got a little bigger, she could squirm out like a mini Houdini. And when she discovered her hands, our sleep became almost non-existent because having them down by her side was like cutting off her limbs. She would constantly wake up and struggle until she could get them loose and to her mouth, and then she was wide awake, and so were we.
I’d seen the Love to Dream’s around (one woman in my mother’s group called it by the perfect name – the “Maggie Simpson”), and we figured we’d try just about anything that might help us get back to sleeping. From day one, this little suit has been an absolute life saver. My happy baby has full time access to her hands, and she’s still wrapped up tight like a little package. She’s been sleeping like a champ ever since.
We found the Love to Dream stand at the recent Baby Expo that we attended and needed no convincing to purchase the next size up that she can graduate into, as well as their “50/50” suit, which is the same design, but allows you to remove one arm at a time to get baby slowly used to having arms out when it’s time to stop swaddling. I think we have a bit longer before we have to give up on swaddling, but I have high hopes that the 50/50 will be a good transition step. (Partner-in-Crime also asked the rep about distribution in the U.S., and he said that they are available on Amazon, in case you American readers are interested).
I have not been given any samples or been asked to write this review. It’s just a brilliant Aussie product that has made my life immensely easier, and these days, that is the most exciting thing I can possibly share with you.


(If you have a little Houdini and really want to buy one, feel free to follow this Affiliate link, so I can make a couple of pennies, too. But, seriously, no pressure!)

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Kelly

    Awesome! We used SwaddleMe blankets here in the States with excellent results (until he got big enough to force his way out of them), and I wouldn’t have thought that a swaddler with arms would have worked as well. Paint me uninformed. 😉

    1. C. In Oz

      We used SwaddleMe, as well, which were good until the great hand discovery. But, for the future, I’m pretty sure that the Love to Dream is tight enough to stop the startle reflex for a newborn. So glad that we didn’t have to give up on the swaddling!

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