Little Aussie

Introducing our beautiful baby girl. She was born on January 31 at 10:08pm, weighing 5.5lbs (2.5 kilos). Even though she was a full term baby, she is so little that we had to scramble to buy a few outfits that actually fit her – the newborn sizes we’d bought were all far too big!

She was entirely uncooperative with all of my aforementioned birth plans, and after 12 hours of labor at the birth center, it became clear that she had positioned herself in a way that all of the medical staff agreed she would never be able emerge on her own. I had to be taken by ambulance to Royal North Shore Hospital where she was delivered by emergency C-section. We received the best and most respectful care from the surgical team and hospital staff that I could have asked for after many hours of amazingly professional, supportive and loving care from the midwives at the birthing center whose dedication to my wishes and needs and desire to empower me never faltered.

We are happy to be home now with, as one of the midwives in the hospital called her, our Little Vegemite.

Headed home!

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  1. Kelly

    I’m glad you had a positive experience despite the change of plans. And did I mention how much I love her name? It suits her. Sending her kisses from stateside!

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