New Year’s Eve 2013

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Happy 2013!

It has been the new year for almost 15 hours here, and I seem to have spent most of it asleep. After ringing in the new year and retiring at 3a.m., I managed to sleep until 12:30pm today, a feat I can’t remember accomplishing since college.

Well, no wonder …. there is so much to take in on New Year’s Eve in Sydney. I just looked back at my post from our first New Year’s in Sydney, and reflected that I have not lost that sense of awe.

This year, we were invited to a party at our friend A’s apartment in Potts Point, which features a pretty stellar view of the Harbour, particularly the Bridge and the Opera House. This was the first year we’d watch the fireworks from the city side of the Harbour, rather than the north shore side, so it was fun to get a different vantage point.

When we first moved to Sydney, we lived pretty close to A’s apartment, so we decided to arrive a bit early and have a walk around Rushcutter’s Bay park, which our old place overlooked. This was the park where I took up running and the location of our wedding reception. Funny to have lived here long enough to have a place where we can take a sentimental journey! Partner-in-Crime took a few (a lot) of photos and we witnessed a couple of planes doing an aerial show as part of the early festivities.

Walking up to A’s apartment, the streets were already full of revelers: families with coolers walking towards the park, which has an alcohol-free celebration and the younger and more, shall we say, enthusiastic headed towards Kings Cross and Woolloomooloo. There were security guards everywhere, including one with a sniffer dog outside A’s building.

A assembled a really nice group of people and prepared a feast on his barbecue, so we had a lovely evening. I’d vowed this year to just enjoy the fireworks and not get distracted by taking dozens of photos … but I couldn’t help myself entirely and did snap a few.





Sparklers off A’s balcony.

Far better than these photos, I suggest watching this video of the bulk of the display, as shot by the professionals. There is nothing that compares to starting the new year on such a high.

As for my 2013: I have, as usual, made a solitary resolution, which was more like a November resolution – I got a head start. It’s a little hard to define, but the gist of it is to be less judgmental of other people. It’s harder to quantify than my usual resolutions, but I’ll know … And, regardless of anything I resolve, this certainly promises to be my most challenging, perspective-altering, and rewarding year with parenthood on the nearing horizon. On this first day of the year, I’m looking forward to what – and who – 2013 has in store.