Sculpture By the Sea 2012

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True to our usual wait-to-the-last-minute style, Partner-in-Crime and I somehow put off visiting this year’s Sculpture by the Sea until the closing weekend. Yesterday, we knew the crowds would be awful and the weather was moody, but this is one of our Sydney must-do events, so we braved it all and I’m so glad we did. I’ve written about Sculpture by the Sea before (2010 and 2011), so I am going simply going to post here a collection of some of my favorite photos from this year.

Overheard at this one: A dad with a boy about 3 years old. “What do you think?” Kid – “That’s funny!” 

My favorite.

P-i-C took this cool photo from inside one of the sculptures.

Me now.
Me two months from now.

Tamarama Beach, with some of the sculptures.

2 thoughts on “Sculpture By the Sea 2012

  1. Florida Girl In Sydney

    Sculpture by the Seas was one of my favorite times of the year in Sydney, it’s a little sad not walking those cliffs and taking a million photos for the first time in year 4 years. I know I did at least one blog post on SBTS, I wonder if San Francisco dose anything like it? hmmm. Thanks for the 2012 SBTS virtual visit 🙂

    1. C. In Oz

      I agree, it’s a really special event and we always go crazy with the photos. It’s so fun to see people interact with the art, too. Hope San Fran is treating you well!

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