Sunshine Coast

giant roadside attractions, Queensland

A couple of weeks ago, Partner-in-Crime and I hopped (flew) up to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We were hoping for the titular weather pattern, in contrast to cold, rainy Sydney.

Ironically, we got a whole lot of rain during our weekend on the Sunshine Coast, while my friends in Sydney were raving about how uncharacteristically beautiful it was back at home. (Wait, is that ironic? Let me check my Alanis Morisette and get back to you…)

View from the hotel (aka – my Paris) in a sunny moment.

I didn’t actually mind the weather so much, as it was at least warmer than home, and P-i-C had booked us into a resort style hotel at winter-season prices. It was right on a restaurant/shopping strip. So, I got up in the mornings, wandered downstairs for my coffee, came back up to the room and opened the balcony door for a breeze, and lost myself in a morning of reading on the sofa. Having just finished The Paris Wife for book club, I was immersed in my self-assigned extra credit of re-upping my Hemingway and Fitzgerald. So, I just pretended that my flat white was a cafe creme and sunk into 1920s Paris in the rain. Amazing how little it took to make a dream vacation.

The sun did mercifully grace us with its presence from time to time over our four days there, and we took advantage by making our way a number of the towns and destinations that make up the region known as the Sunshine Coast. It’s a beautiful location, as the area is both mountainous and beachside (or, as P-i-C called it – “surf ‘n’ turf”). It has a small town feeling, while at the same time has the amenities of a bigger city, thanks to all the little towns being so close together. And, everyone we met was exceedingly friendly – say hello to you on the street friendly.


“Turf” – we took up hike to get a better view of the Glass House Mountains.

And then we went to Glass House Mountain National Park to see them at sunset.

Glass House National Park.

On our last day, we went to Noosa National of the most visited parks in the country. Indeed, it was packed with backpackers in camper vans and many families. The beach is certainly beautiful. And, a keen-eyed fellow visitor even spotted a koala sleeping in a tree for us.

Oh, and look what I found on our way out of town! A giant pelican for my Giant Things collection!

We’d had a full day of sun on our last day, but as if on cue, it started pouring rain as we walked into the airport, heading home from the friendly, beautiful, sometimes-Sunshine Coast.