Seasonal Confusion Disorder

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Nearly two years into life in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons still confuse me. They don’t confuse me in the logical part of my brain, but in that part of my brain/soul that’s probably wired from the caveman era – or at least childhood. A lot of the time, I am confused about what season it is and will be. On days like today, when the chill makes it undeniable what season we are in, I get confused about what month it is. I was literally just thinking that Christmas would be here soon.

A lot of the time, I have to keep a chart in my head that looks like this:

January = July
February = August
March = September
April = October
May = November
June = December
(and then just flip the chart around for the rest of the year)

So, as you can see, it is now “November,” and we are getting out the scarves and gloves and drinking endless hot bevvies. But, it’s May. So, that’s weird. (Also, here in Australia, we call it Autumn, and never Fall, so that’s weird, too).

To help me get Autumn-in-May it into my reptile brain, I talked Partner-in-Crime into taking a day trip outside of the city to someplace where we could see leaves changing, preferably from the picturesque grounds of some beautiful wineries. I’d proposed going back to Hunter, but it turned out to be a lot of driving for just an afternoon trip. Clever P-i-C did some googling and came to me with a counter offer of a drive to the much more convenient Southern Highlands.

An hour and a half after leaving Sydney, we found ourselves in the Autumnal wonderland of Bowral/Welby/Mittagong. Red, yellow and orange leaves filled the hilly scenery and the grape vines at every winery we stopped at had that photogenic color palette. It was everything I was looking for and, so close to Sydney, I feel certain we’ll be going back. I picked up a flyer for an apple picking orchard, and there were plenty of wineries that we didn’t get to.

My brain is one click closer to resetting.

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  1. laurab

    i have the same virtual calendar in my head! and another to convert F to C, and cm to inches, and all of those things i wished i’d paid attention to in school…

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