New Zealand Part 4: Five Things About Napier

New Zealand

The second stop on the North Island was Napier. I fell in love.

We had only a few hours in Napier, so in terms of activities, there is little to report here. It was simply love at first, fleeting sight. To capture the essence of my feelings for Napier, I have compiled the following list of 5 things to know about our time there:

1. It is an art deco town. They suffered an earthquake in 1931, and most of the town had to be rebuilt. Art deco was the cheapest choice. Today, the tourist trade is based on the celebration of that modern-antique aesthetic.

2. It is like a tiny little Miami, without any Kardashians. And more bagpipers. (It was also one of the only sunny days on our cruise).

3. We took a long walk and found a waterfall and the beach.

4. I got a new hat.
5. There was a Jazz Era wonderland awaiting us when we returned to the cruise ship.

Napier and me: It’s amore.