Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

As we did last year, we celebrated the start of 2012 with fabulous friends and a feast of food and bev. Mimi and Joe have a perfect apartment for viewing the fireworks display, and Sydney seriously outdid itself this year. If there is one thing Sydney knows, it is fireworks. New Year’s is like the 4th of July, my birthday, and Christmas morning all rolled into one 12 minute display.

If this sounds like too much to believe, watch the video.

Early in the evening, a stunt plane gets crazy over the Harbour.
We checked out the early fireworks (9p.m. display for kids) from the park.
Lots of families enjoying the lawn
Mimi got us sparklers to get into the spirit.

Even the kid’s fireworks are awesome.

9p.m. fireworks.
Parade of boats on the Harbour. I read that there were something like 2,500 spectator boats.
The main event!

May all of our 2012s be filled with so much light and wonderment.