Summer Begins: Art Everywhere

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I have been gearing up for summer since the first hint of warming weather. Sydney in the summer is a stunner – the city rolls out no end of outdoor festivals and arts & culture events. It’s a movable feast.

We kicked off the season with two public art exhibits.

First, a couple of weeks ago, we took a drive out to Bondi Beach for Sculpture by the Sea. We went last year, and could not wait to get out amongst it again. The sculptures span a long stretch between North Bondi and Tamarama beaches, and the curators do an admirable job of using the natural surrounds to compliment the sculptures (or vice versa). There’s a good mix of the more literal (giant sink) and the more abstract, which I tend to prefer. We ended up there on a drizzly day, so we didn’t have quite the magical experience as last year, but it was still a treat.

This was my favorite piece.

Last week, we caught a ferry out to Cockatoo Island, which I have been wanting to visit for ages. Aside from its enticing name, Cockatoo Island doesn’t have too much to recommend it. It’s a former industrial area full of old warehouses and machinery. But, there are frequently events on Cockatoo Island, which make use of the existing architectural charm and harbour views. We took the trip over to see the Outpost street art festival. I was initially sold on going by the promise of seeing some Banksy (which we somehow missed … ummm, derrr), but it was really much more than that. (I should probably mention that I’m really kind of an expert on street art because I have, in fact, seen the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.)

I started calling the exhibit “Occupy Cockatoo Island” because much of the work is so subversive, counter-culture, and sometimes cynical. But, street art, by definition is an act of rebellion, so I suppose it should be no surprise when the content matches the form. 
One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was a huge section on T-shirt art. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of t-shirt design as art before, but why not?
I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite t-shirt designs.

Best. Ever.