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For the last two weeks, I was doing some work for an organization that is located in the stunning Carriageworks building.

Carriageworks, located in the Eveleigh neighborhood of Sydney, is one of the best examples I have ever seen of what can be done with “found space” (and, say, $50 million). The building is the former Eveleigh Rail Yards, and has been transformed into a gorgeous, evocative arts space. It has several performance spaces and exhibition halls. The weekly Eveleigh Markets take place there, and a few weeks ago, we attended a fantastic craft fair there, as well. It’s one of those places where something interesting is always going on.

On my last day, I got inspired to bring my camera to capture some of the great views I’d been seeing. The architecture is designed to have that rugged, gritty exposed feeling to it – an homage to its former incarnation, as well, I think, as providing a vast, open space for artists to think big.

If you’re in Sydney and have never been to Carriageworks, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Even if you don’t go to see a show, it’s worth it to just have a cup of coffee in the cafe and check out the building. It is one of Sydney’s great tucked away gems.

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