Middle Head and a New Toy

day zero project, hikes

Partner-in-Crime and I have planned a grand road trip later this week, so in advance of being surrounded by resplendent scenery for days, I saved up and bought a nice camera.

The other night, we took a hike out to Middle Head where I got to practice with my fancy new toy.

We timed our walk well We procrastinated all day, so ended up there right at sunset. Generously, a cruise ship decided to wander by as we were enjoying the view.
A few photographic experiments from our hike, as I get to know my new camera …

7 thoughts on “Middle Head and a New Toy

  1. C. In Oz

    Thanks, Mandy!

    Mimi – Yes! And, weather is supposed to be great for the whole break! Have a great trip. See you when we get back from the exact same place. 😉

  2. C. In Oz

    It’s an Olympus Pen EPL-1. The newer version came out recently, but the salesman advised that there’s not much difference between the two, so this older edition is a good deal right now. I am loving it (can’t wait to share some of the millions of photos I took on our Easter weekend roadtrip!).

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