Featherdale Wildlife Park


My Mom and I are going to the Atlanta Zoo today, and in investigating the map, I saw that they feature a little section called the Outback Hitching Post or some such, where they have kangaroos, cassowaries, and kookaburras.

I was reminded of the trip that Partner-in-Crime and I took when I first arrived. On our way to the Blue Mountains, we stopped at the Featherdale Wildlife Park to get our first sightings of kangaroos and various other Australian animals. Featherdale is an open air park where many of the animals (the friendly ones, who are not possessed with large teeth, spikes, or venom) roam free. In fact, the photo to your left of me with my lounging kangaroo friend is from this trip.
So, without further ado, a few of the wild and wonderful animals of Australia:

PhotobucketLazy kangaroo

PhotobucketKoala, of course

Photobucket Wombat. If you can look at this guy without your heart melting a little, I have some suspicions about whether you scowl at puppies and take lollipops from babies.

PhotobucketLittle Penguins. They live on the Southern coast of Australia.
PhotobucketThe dingo ate my baby!

PhotobucketMy primary goal in Australia is to never run into one of these guys in the wild.

Photobucket … or these guys. Inland Taipan – the DEADLIEST SNAKE IN THE WORLD!

Back to the cute guys …

Photobucket Echidna.

PhotobucketAlbino Wallaroos. They told us that these guys would be rather unfit for life in the wild.

PhotobucketCassowary. I love this sassy bird! Please feel free to write your own caption for what it is saying.

And finally, the Tasmanian Devil. He was so funny, just running around in a circle in his cage. Running. Running. Running. … It’s busy work being a Tasmanian Devil.

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